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Lake Highland’s Bud Lite Moment?

May 28, 2023

Dear Friends of Lake Highland,

At the end of another school year, we want to express our gratitude for all the hard-working teachers and staff at Lake Highland who have made the school the elite prep school that it remains. We are also grateful for the numerous parents, teachers and alumni who have expressed support of our website, LH’s Board of Trustees first smuggled the radical left wing DEI ideology into our school during the 2020 Covid lockdown our purpose has been to alert you of this occurrence, document it and encourage you to let LH leadership know how you feel about the changes. We have received hundreds of signed petitions and emails in support of our efforts.

We also encourage parents, alumni, and the school’s leadership to do their own research into what the substantive ideology of DEI (and more broadly Woke) is and how it seeks to transform our children, our institutions, and our culture in demonstrably harmful and patently unjust and immoral ways. Our experience is that those who are apathetic to this important issue in education (or zealously hostile to our exercise of our free speech rights at simply have never bothered to self-educate. If you’re new to this blog is a great place to start that journey.

Unfortunately, LH leadership still refuses to discuss publicly or privately any of these changes. These include:

-replacing “Christian Values” with DEI in its self-description on its website;

-fabricating a slanderously false origin story of the school to justify this embrace which it still refuses to correct on Wikipedia. ;

-removing parents’ ability to see the content of the entire curriculum;

-creating a DEI administration and hiring multiple DEI enforcers;

-issuing DEI edicts (E.g., to kindergarten teachers not to call children “boys” and “girls”);

-creating ethnically and racially exclusionary student group policies; and

-publicly celebrating-then hiding when exposed-its embrace of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

As documents, the NAIS’s agenda is to instill in children, teachers, and private schools across America the dogma that every person should view themselves and everyone around them through the lens of race, sex and sexual/gender orientation. NAIS’s own literature categorically rejects the Christian-cum-Enlightenment concepts of colorblindness and the unique individuality of the soul. Instead, NAIS promotes group identities and a moral and social hierarchy of those identity groups with oppressors (white people) at the bottom and the oppressed (everyone else) above. One of the ingenious methods of infiltrating children, teachers, and private schools-like LH- is the NAIS’s flagship People of Color Conference (PoCC) and Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) held every December. LH leadership encourages teachers and students to attend and did so again in 2022.

As reported in the LH student online newspaper, Twice Told Tale, the administration sent out emails encouraging students to apply to the PoC/SDLC in Austin, Texas. Students were chosen by lottery. Upon arrival, LH students were greeted by a man in drag. Here is how it is described by the reporting student: “We arrived…[and]…were greeted by a speaker brandishing neon nails, heels boldly clacking on the floor…he told us to sit down and have a conversation with a stranger” Students Dive Into Diversity, (2023, Feb 6) Twice Told Tale. Keep in mind, while SDLC is for students, NAIS’s PoC is held simultaneously for teachers and administrators. More importantly, both conferences are described as events designed so that teachers, administrators, and students will bring NAIS’s concepts, ideas and practices back to their respective schools.

For the record (and before any previously referenced DEI zealot launches the usual invective and name calling), we are not opposed to LH students sitting down and having conversations with strangers. In fact, we have been trying to get LH’s leadership, especially the Board of Trustees and new President, to have conversations with us. Furthermore, we’re not opposed to people wearing whatever clothes they wish. We do oppose introducing men in drag into our children’s education, whether that is at LH or at LH sponsored activities. The reasons are too numerous to elaborate here, but are grounded in established science, medicine, morality, and sound pedagogy, all of which are easily accessible to anyone with an open mind. Again, is a great starting place for such research. Unfortunately, LH leadership is not opposed to exposing our children to men in drag.

LH leadership notwithstanding, one encouraging development is that, just like the friends of Lake Highland, citizens across the United States are “Waking up to the Woke” and categorically rejecting it. We see this in the political leadership-not just in the state of Florida-finally taking steps to expose and rid public schools of the provably racist, Marxist, scientifically absurd dogmas, and pedagogy of DEI and protect our children. Moreover, millions of Americans are expressing their distaste for (more like creeped out by) corporate America’s embrace of these grooming practices directed at our children in their marketing. Bud Lite, Target and Disney’s failing movies are, hopefully, just the start. Perhaps LH’s leadership’s decision to expose our children to men in drag will be its “Bud Lite” moment.

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