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April 21, 2022

Thank you for subscribing to the update on happenings at Lake Highland Prep. We received a healthy response from concerned parents. Over seventy petitions have been submitted along with multiple requests for this newsletter. We got encouraging emails and comments as well as some unkind and rude replies. We must remember that we are alike in wanting what is best for our families and our children, despite the political divide. Learning about current events and cultural norms prepares our students for college and beyond. We support the rights of all people and want a learning environment that promotes mutual respect and the exchange of ideas, not the presentation of a one-sided ideology.

We are in the initial stages of getting the word out, and getting our website activated on various devices. Currently, the website is best viewed on a computer or an iPhone (no Android at this time.) Additionally, it is possible that some of the emails went to spam folders. Please ask your friends to check their spam folders and more importantly, to sign the petition at under Taking Action. We do not have contact information on anyone who responded via the website without providing their name or email.

The main issues in all the information provided on the website are Lake Highland’s embrace of identity-based ideology affiliated with NAIS including the adoption of a DEI Director and their lack of transparency. We should be able to discuss curriculum, library offerings and extra-curricular development with any of the school staff. The fact that they redesigned the school’s website and prohibited parent access to the very areas where questions had been asked is concerning. As our website details, there were multiple instances of parents or alumni questioning something at the school which were met with insufficient replies or no reply at all. Why? What are they trying to hide? This is what we are on a mission to find out.

While Lake Highland is an extraordinary school with devoted teachers and staff there are changes happening at the top. Now is the time to come forward and make our voices heard. We cannot cower or be fearful. If we are, our children’s hearts and minds will be influenced in ways we may not want. Please stand with us and encourage your friends to join us in presenting our requests to the school’s leadership. There is strength in numbers, and we need your help to show our might.

For an interesting read on a current event in education, please go to the Florida Department of Education website, at:

Florida Rejects Publishers’ Attempts to Indoctrinate Students (

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