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April 26, 2022

The feedback from the website, has momentum. We have over 80 anonymously signed petitions and more coming each day.

Many of our first emails went to spam files so a lot of parents have not been reached. Please send emails to other parents about the website,

A number of parents and alumni attended President Al Harms State of the School meeting held today at 8:30 AM in the Guernsey Room. Disappointingly, after finishing his presentation to the group President Harms left without allowing the attendees to ask any questions which has, in the past, been a tradition.

Some of you signed up via the website for a LHPS Watch Newsletter. The Newsletter or Blog, as it is now called, is available on the website under Taking Action, the last item, News Blogs.

Now or never. The window of opportunity to affect change at LHPS is open. The information about what is happening at the school is available via the website. You, the parents, are the ones with the power to influence the school and make them have an open dialog about what they are teaching your children.

There is power in truth and strength in numbers. We must stand together and call on the school to educate our students about all opinions, not indoctrinate with an ideology.

Parents need to join together and present their requests to the school. Like-minded parents are already holding meetings in their homes.

Join us,

LHPS Watch

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