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You Are Not Alone

If all this makes you uncomfortable, you are not alone. Many parents at LH and across the country are increasingly worried about the extremism spreading in their children’s schools.  These parents are not bigots and racists—they endorse tolerance and respect for all people and believe in equal justice under the law. They believe, as Martin Luther King, Jr., said, that people should be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  This is precisely why they are ill at ease with critical pedagogy, with its emphasis on teaching children that their skin color does matter—and that it is perhaps the only thing that matters.


How To Take Action

We hope you have looked at all the content on this website (and more). If not, please do. If so, we believe that the following propositions are undeniably proven:


  • LH’s founding principles (its Mission Statement, Honor Code and celebration of Dr. King’s wisdom and dream) are the principles of our classically liberal, enlightened, Judeo-Christian western civilization; principles that, while not perfect, have advanced humanity morally and materially. 

  • CRT, CGT and the Woke worldview is an admittedly Marxist, counter-enlightenment world view which categorical rejects these classically liberal, enlightened, Judeo-Christian principles and divides and subsumes individual human beings into superior and inferior identity groups (race, sex, orientation, gender) which it presumes to exist in perpetual and eternal group conflict.


  • The NAIS is a Washington DC based organization dedicated to indoctrinating and proselytizing this Woke worldview into every private school in the United States.


  • In 2020 current LH leadership enthusiastically embraced the NAIS, its Woke seminars for faculty and student “leadership training” and its suggested changes to pedagogy, policy and administrative structure (E.g., DEI director and initiative).


  • Since 2020 current LH leadership, thru its DEI director and initiative, have made “programmatic and curricular changes…to all schools” so as to align LH with the Woke worldview of the NAIS and other similar organizations.


  • This 180-degree shift in LH’s direction can be swiftly reversed, but only if LH parents, alum, current and legacy leadership organize and speak out NOW.  

If you embrace Woke, and support the division and subordination of individuals into Woke identity groups, then do nothing. LH is delivering the education you expect for your child. If you know very little about Woke and care even less, or believe it will not affect you, we urge you to take it seriously. As we have shown here Woke, like its Marxist precursor, actually meets every criterion of a religious cult. It is unrelenting, totalizing and designed to transform everyone, especially your child, into either a zealous activist or a cowed compliant follower. Neither your family nor your child will be spared.


If, however, you reject ALL forms of racism, segregation, and moral scapegoating of people according to group membership; if this is not the kind of education LH promised you or that you expect for your children; if you recognize and remember how this Marxist horror movie from the 20th century inevitably ends, then do the following:


  • Become Awoken to the Woke. Study the information on this website and go even deeper in your research.  The information is for your benefit.  It is intended to encourage you to learn and investigate further so you can come to your own conclusions. Each section also has a “deeper dive” listing additional resources for even more thorough research. Send us your name, email and mailing address and we will send you a free copy of the 94-page book, Counter WokeCraft: A Field Manuel for Combatting the Woke in the University and Beyond. This is an excellent introduction to this subject. Contact us at our e-mail address:


  • Speak up/Show Up by getting organized and linking up with us.  If you’re concerned, then know that other parents, alumni, leadership, faculty, students, family and friends of LH are also concerned. 


  • Review and sign our position statement below indicating in the comment section exactly what demands you agree (or disagree) with. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter. Give us your feedback, criticism or just connect at our e-mail address


  • Start the Conversation. Talk to those in your immediate family and circle of LH family of friends. Self-organize into a united group. The more the better.  Share your efforts with us here. We’ll include them in our updates and newsletter if you like. Talk to others in different schools. Share the content here with them. Encourage parents at these other schools to also organize. Literally within just the last few years tens of millions have “Become Awoken to the Woke”.


  • Ask Questions and Demand Answers and Accountability. Contact the highest levels of current LH leadership directly and (1) insist they explain these changes publicly to all of LH thru regularly conducted open and unfettered Q & A sessions where everyone can participate, and (2) insist they adopt the restorative changes demanded in the Petition below that you agree with in order to realign LH with its founding principles. Keep in mind that many former trustees and administrators are muzzled by so called “confidentiality clauses” which legally and financially penalize them if they speak the truth about their experiences with LH’s evolving embrace of Woke. Insist that they be allowed to speak freely without penalty on these issues. (See Petition below)


  • It is absolutely essential that LH discontinue any and all connections to the NAIS as NAIS and organizations like it are currently the ideological funnel into LH and into the minds of our children. Cut it off as of yesterday! There are a wealth of alternative private school associations, resources for “leadership training” and employee placement services in line with our classical liberal, enlightened, Christian values.


  • Insist on Full and Complete Transparency. Demand full and complete transparency in all of LH’s curriculum by restoring unfettered webpage access for all LH parents to the weekly syllabus of every course offered in every grade and all 3 libraries, as before. There is no justifiable reason for the iron curtain dropped in 2020 between LH parents and our children’s education. Also insist that all DEI imposed speech codes (I.e., prohibiting “boys and girls” in kindergarten) and bans on school traditions (like the “100 days” for our little ones or the rumored effort to ban LH’s tradition of handing out bibles to graduating seniors) are contemporaneously and publicly announced to LH parents, not imposed secretly for parents to later discover.


  • Pay Attention to Your Child’s Course Content. Look for Woke buzz words, jargon, weird neologisms and politicized handouts in your child’s classroom content and in LH policy. Do not become complacent to Woke mal-education. Speak to teachers, supervisors and the highest levels of LH leadership about what you discover. Let us know so we can let everyone else know as well. It likely other parents noticed the same content and have the same concerns. To date LH leadership has effectively censored dissent in the “State of the School” Q & A and isolated concerned parents from each other. There are more of us than even we know.


  • Trustee leadership changes.  Find out exactly which members of the Board of Trustees endorsed former President Harm’s change in direction and embrace of Woke. Insist that they be replaced. With a new President coming in July, 2022 new leadership, especially in the Executive Committee of the Board, is vital. Without it, our new president will simply concretize and broaden the misdirection left for him.

Sign Our Petition Statement

We want to hear from you. Submit the petition and indicate in the comments sections which specific demand(s) you agree or disagree with and why. We will publish the results in our newsletter.

It is absolutely essential:


  1. That LH publicly declare that LH’s pedagogy, administrative structure and operational policies are, and always will be, founded on classical liberal, enlightenment, Christian values, like truth, reason, and the colorblind integration of all as individuals regardless of race, sex, orientation or other assigned groupism and, further, publicly declare specifically that Woke pedagogy, including CRT and CGT by name, are anathema to LH’s values and shall never be a part of nor inform LH’s pedagogy, administrative structure or operational policies.

  2. That LH publicly declare the complete and immediate severance of all connections, affiliations and contact with the NAIS, including without limitation its seminars (PoCC, SDLC, White Privilege Seminar, etc.) and with any other organization(s) (E.g., NDPI) embracing or promoting Woke ideology, dogmas or doctrines.

  3. That LH either eliminate completely or rename and repurpose the DEI director’s position (and its 2020 “DEI Initiative”) to that of ensuring a school culture and curriculum based on classical liberal, enlightenment, Christian values (See #1 above). That the renamed and repurposed position be tasked with ensuring open enquiry, viewpoint diversity and constructive disagreement (E.g., Heterodox Academy’s The HxA Way).

  4. That LH commit to full and complete transparency in its administration, policies, curriculum and libraries by: (a) restoring webpage browser search access (thru the parent portal) for all LH parents to the weekly syllabus of all classes in the curriculum and all book shelves in all 3 libraries, regardless of the age of one’s enrolled child; (b) hosting regular (E.g. quarterly) Q & A sessions open to ALL LH parents with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, as well as LH President; and (c) waiving all confidentiality clauses or other legal impediments to the full and unfettered speech and participation of all current and former LH trustees, administrators and faculty in public discussions about the evolving embrace of Woke at LH. 

  5. That LH restore the words “Christian Values” in LH’s self-description on its webpage (“About”) in place of the Woke mantra of “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” substituted in 2020.

  6. That LH policy state that all student clubs shall be called “student clubs”, not the Woke term “affinity groups”, and will be open to all students, without limitation.

  7. That LH eliminate all Woke faculty speech codes and restore faculty’s freedom to use colloquial phrases like “boys and girls”, and restore the “100 days tradition” for lower school.

  8. That LH construct a mandatory, age-appropriate unit in the upper school curriculum introducing students to the scientific evidence from each of the scientific subdisciplines establishing the natural dimorphic differences of male and female human beings so as to prepare every LH student for their inevitable encounter with CGT’s social constructivist dogma and doctrine.

  9. That LH teach each Lake Highlander to first presume personal mistake not racial malevolence; first assume individual error not group evil.

Thank you for signing the Petition


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