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LH Mission Statement


Within an atmosphere of love, concern and mutual respect, Lake Highland Preparatory School is committed to instilling Christian values, inspiring patriotism, developing leaders, and preparing students for college and lifelong learning through academically challenging programs and affirming competitive experiences.


LH Honor Code

Each Highlander is a unique child of God, whose actions are based on these fundamental beliefs:

A Highlander’s word is the truth.

A highlander’s work is completely his or her own.

A Highlander respects the rights, feelings, and property of others.


Martin Luther King


I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.




We are a group of parents and alumni concerned about the influence that the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is having on LH and the subtle but significant changes planned and already made by LH leadership since 2019. We created this website to share our personal experiences and all we have learned about the radical “Woke” ideology of the NAIS and how these changes at LH clearly represent an embrace of that ideology. We encourage you to take the time to explore the details on this website, do your own research and come to your own conclusion.



To bring together parents, grandparents, alumni, current and legacy leadership, faculty, students, and all other family and friends of LH to ensure that our children’s education is truthful, balanced, grounded in knowledge and free of all forms of group-based identity ideology and indoctrination. To ensure that LH is pedagogically, administratively, and operationally aligned with the Mission Statement, Honor Code and the wisdom and dream of Rev. Martin Luther King of a colorblind community.



  • To educate the LH family about the “Woke” worldview, including variants like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Critical Gender Theory (CGT), and show how it has been affirmatively embraced by current LH leadership.

  • To expose the NAIS, and other organizations, that promote and seek to indoctrinate and spread this demonstrably Marxist inspired educational philosophy to America’s private schools like LH thru their faculty/student “leadership training” conferences, employee placement and recommended administrative “best practices”.

  • To organize those who understand the divisive and socially toxic effect this racist, sexist, and provably unscientific cult-like ideology has had and will continue to have in the future unless LH leadership removes it from its operational pedagogy and administrative structure.

  • To take action now, before it concretizes in our school, for the sake of our children, their education and the future of LH.



We believe and know that LH is an amazing place, filled with good, honest, sincere, and generous people who all want the best for their children and our community. We also believe and know that LH has always been this way since its founding 50+ years ago because of its unwavering commitment to its founding principles; principles derived from the classically liberal, enlightened, Judeo-Christian tradition of western civilization. We know and hope to persuade you as well, that the Woke worldview, in all its versions (CRT, CGT, et al.), categorically rejects these principles. At its most fundamental level Woke traces its roots to the counter-enlightenment/postmodern philosophical rejection of verifiable moral and empirical truths. It emerged within academia in the United States within the last 60 years as a reformulated version of classical Marxism in which Marx’s original focus on pure economics is replaced with a focus on culture, race, sex, sexual orientation, and any other category which the Woke can use to divide people so as to exemplify their core belief: that all of reality and all human relationships are determined by relative group power, not reason, and that the history of the world is one in which white, heterosexual males have oppressed everyone else. From this demonstrably flawed premise, and it's obnoxious moral scapegoating, all “critical thinking” and the entire Woke agenda follows.


Since 2020, we have been confused and increasingly alarmed as current LH leadership made subtle but significant changes clearly embracing this Woke world view and adopting its pedagogy, its suggested administrative changes, its jargon, and its buzzwords. Each of us, individually, asked current LH leadership why? and received either unsatisfactory answers or no answer at all. Too often, when questioning how LH leadership could knowingly embrace the demonstrably racist, segregationist and provably unscientific dogmas and doctrines of CRT and CGT, the reply insinuated that somehow, we were not in accord with our own principles of tolerance, open-mindedness, and universal acceptance of all regardless of race, sex, orientation, etc. As you will discover if you take the time, a tactic of the Woke when exposed is to hide behind the very classical liberal, Christian principles of universal tolerance, individualism and reason which Woke ideology provably rejects and denies. After all, one does not need to dig far to see that the explosion within our culture of the practice of censoring and ruining personally, professionally, and financially anyone who disagrees with Woke or its agenda (aka “canceling”) is a practice of Woke true believers, not us.


However, unlike the Woke, we first presuppose personal mistake, not racial malevolence. We first presume individual error, not group evil. Woke advocates do the exact opposite because their dogmas and doctrines demand it. Thus, we still give current LH leadership the benefit of the doubt. We assume their embrace of Woke through these recent changes is born from the same sincere aspiration we have: to create a school, a community, a country, and a world where every individual is judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. However, the problem is that current LH leadership has changed LH’s course and direction 180 degrees away from that enlightened aspiration and back towards the resegregation of society where children are taught to view themselves and everyone around them through the lens of race, sex, sexual orientation and group membership. But the solution is you. We still have time to re-align LH with its principles. But we must act now, or it will be too late.




On this website you will find different sections, each with a particular purpose. In LH’s Subtle but Significant Changes we document, in their own words, LH leadership’s enthusiastic embrace of Woke and their simultaneous representations and assurances to concerned parents and alumni denying this embrace. In Understanding Woke we explain the fundamental doctrines, dogmas, and tactics of Woke advocates which are common to every version of the Woke worldview. In What is CRT? we narrow the focus to just one of the versions of Woke called Critical Race Theory (CRT) in which all of reality is viewed thru the lens of race. In What is CGT? we look at another subset of Woke called Critical Gender Theory (CGT) where scientifically absurd claims about sex, gender, sexual preference and the very real phenomenon of Gender Dysphoria are conflated and confused for ideological effect and purposes. In What is NAIS? we show you the Washington DC based organization, National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), driving the explosion of Woke ideology in private schools throughout the United States. Thru its “leadership training” conferences, like the People of Color Conference (PoCC) for faculty and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) for students, as well as thru employee placement and “best practices” guidelines, the NAIS is at the heart of the so called Woke industrial complex. In NAIS PoCC Course Content we show you direct quotes of the morally appalling seminar content of the NAIS’s PoCC and SDLC “leadership training” which LH leadership enthusiastically promoted on its redesigned 2020 webpage and where to this day LH is still sending our faculty and students. In DEI – CRT at other Private and Public Schools we will provide regularly updated information and articles documenting the divisive impact around the country of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and its edicts, speech codes and race-based policies. Then in Questions and Answers we try to anticipate some of the more familiar questions you might have (and predictable accusations the Woke inevitably always make) and answer them directly, so that there is no confusion that our cause is just, our claims are true, and we should all be “awakened” to the Woke! Perhaps most importantly, in How to Take Action we describe how to immediately restore the direction of LH back to its principles thru organization and action.

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