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For its first 50 years LH’s explicit commitment to an education based on classically liberal, enlightened, Judeo-Christian principals created an integrated, diverse and award-winning student body making LH one of the elite private schools in the country. However, for reasons still unexplained, in 2020 the Chairman of  Board of Trustees, the President of the school and other members of  LH leadership re-wrote LH’s history with a baseless, slanderous narrative of “assumed” racist origins. This revisionist history was a pretext used to introduce and embrace the provably racist, Marxist pedagogy of critical race theory, critical gender theory and other morally appalling and scientifically absurd dogmas and doctrines of Woke. On this website we document all of this and more, including:

  • replacing of the words “Christian Values” with the Woke mantra of “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” (DEI) in LH’s self-description on its website.


  • embracing and adopting the recommended “Best Practices” of the racist, Marxist Washington DC based organization, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), by creating a LH DEI Director and a DEI Advisory Committee tasked with top to bottom “programmatic and curricular changes to all schools” and mandatory “sensitivity training” based on the Woke ideology of group identity, all while simultaneously redesigning LH’s website so that LH parents can no longer view their children’s curriculum nor the books on LH’s library shelves as before.


  • sending faculty and students to demonstrably racist, segregationist NAIS seminars (People of Color Conference/Student Diversity Leadership Conference) for “leadership training” and adopting a policy of race based “Affinity Groups” which exclude non-group member students.


  • promoting a scientifically absurd Gender Studies class for upper school students while prohibiting kindergarten teachers from using the phrase “boys and girls” when referring to our little ones.


All the above without any notice or input from parents and while refusing to answer any questions or provide any explanations for these, and other, significant changes.

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